The Nomad Artist

Growing up with a diplomat as a father, Jessica Speckhard was raised abroad, moving between Belarus, Belgium, France and Greece. Regardless of what country she was in, the one constant in her life was she was always creating art, [...]

Leaving a Good Impression

The ever-changing sprawl that is Tysons is unique in its current condition, as it’s caught mid-evolution. In the past 30 years, Tysons has gone from rustic farmland to pressing against the outer limits of suburbia. So what sort of [...]

Wolf Trap Looking HOT This Summer

Summer in Vienna is always a popular time for music, theater and comedy lovers, as some of the country’s most exciting and top performers head to Wolf Trap’s Filene Center. With 90-plus shows on tap for its 44th season, [...]

Meet the Smithereens in 2015

True fans of the Smithereens know that there’s plenty of music to listen to if you just do a little searching. For example, in October, iTunes released “The Smithereens Live at the Roxy,” a live recording of the legendary [...]

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