I’ve been getting a lot of questions from clients about how the new tax act will affect their tax return for 2018. The answer is dependent on each individual tax situation, but the following items are the most significant changes individuals and families need to know about as they plan for and manage their income […]

If your company offers a 401(k) retirement plan as a benefit you may have questions about choosing your investment options. Everyone’s situation is unique, but unique doesn’t have to mean complicated or time-consuming. In most company sponsored 401(k)’s your investment options are limited. Typically you have two options: creating a diversified portfolio from the mutual fund […]

As a female Financial Advisor working in an industry traditionally dominated by men I find myself in the unique position to empower women to pursue their financial goals. Many of the women I have worked with have made great progress, but industry studies point to a startling fact:  when compared to men, women fall short […]

I get a lot of questions about financial resolutions this time of year and while “saving more” is the most popular, resolving to save more may not be very effective if “more” still falls short of being “enough” or if you aren’t investing your retirement savings properly. I recommend you consider adding these five resolutions […]

What is a Roth IRA and how is it different from a Traditional Individual Retirement Account? Both Traditional and Roth IRAs are dedicated retirement accounts, with a few key differences: Tax Incentives: While both Roth and Traditional IRAs include tax incentives, the timing of when you receive those benefits differs. With Traditional IRAs, the benefit […]