World’s most advanced painting robots will join in the celebration of Tysons Corner Center’s 50th Anniversary this September.

In conjunction with Tysons Corner Center, local artist and winner of the $100,000 International Robot Art Competition, Pindar Van Arman, will put on an art installation  commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Tysons Corner Center entitled “Tysons: Then and Now” at Tysons Corner Center.

The installation will begin September 6th in Fashion Court at Tysons Corner Center and will be activated through September 29th. The exhibition will feature pairs of paintings painted by Van Arman’s robots contrasting historic Tysons with a modern renditions of the same locations today. In addition to the gallery of completed paintings, Van Arman’s AI enabled robots will be on location creating live paintings as shoppers observe.  These will be positioned with multiple events throughout September, highlighting Tysons Corner Center’s history and the pairing of art and technology and will include a live and collaborative painting of the new skyline of Tysons Corner Center with local photographer, Rassi Borneo.

Van Arman grew up and resides in Tysons East. His art focuses on the emergence of artificial intelligence and its relation to human creativity. His first painting robots were made fifteen years ago. In the time since, Van Arman has enhanced his robots with increasingly sophisticated AI and they are now recognized as some of the most creative machines in the world.

Van Arman states “My home and my art have been on similar paths. Both grew organically from traditional beginnings to become focused on the future. Twenty years ago I would never have predicted that I would one day have half a dozen robotic art assistants, neither would I have predicted that Tysons would have a skyline.”

Van Arman’s groundbreaking work in artificial creativity has been officially recognized by industry leaders Google, Microsoft, and NVIDIA. His art has also been featured by multiple media outlets including NPR, HBO Vice, Smithsonian Magazine, MIT Technology Review, and Fine Art America.  Recently, Van Arman was awarded the top prize in Robot Art 2018, a $100,000 international competition focused on artistically creative machines.

AVP and Property Manager of Tysons, Geoff Mason, sites “Tysons has transformed to become a key intersection of art, technology, and businesses. Tysons Corner Center is proud to be a cornerstone of this transformation throughout the last 50 years. From having one of the greatest collections of retail in the country, including the first Apple Store in the World, to locally sourced and extremely unique ‘Early Bird’ public art project, Tysons Corner Center stays ahead of the curve by the integration of past, present and future, and this art exhibit will be no exception.”   

Van Arman’s exhibition will celebrate Tysons Corner Center’s 50th Anniversary by highlighting the shopping center’s growth throughout the past 50 years positioned with the development of surrounding areas from rural farmlands into a world class tech center.

For other events surrounding Tysons Corner Center’s 50th Anniversary and this exhibit, please visit and follow @shoptysons on Twitter, Instagram and Tysons Corner Center on Facebook.

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