The Workhouse Arts Center 2018 Gala Raised over $200,000 for the Arts

The Workhouse Arts Center 2018 Gala began inside Building W-2, future home of the Lucy Burns Museum, and the adventure continued into the quad, completely redesigned earlier this year in partnership with Fairfax County. and the Rizer Pavilion, home of incredible concerts and events.

The Workhouse Board and Staff were inspired by poignant remarks of the evening’s several speakers. Michael Kaiser, the recipient of Arts Angel Award for Distinguished Service congratulated founders, board, donors and staff for exemplary planning which ensured that programming thrives and noted that “the Workhouse name became synonymous with achievement” and for having the “vision and foresight to take a prison and make something beautiful.”

Ava Spece, President & CEO of the Workhouse, highlighted several of many stories that touched lives of our community members. She noted, that “Art is a powerful, powerful healing tool… We see this in the hearts of those we serve, from veterans and their families, to young people in need, to seniors with fixed incomes. Every person needs a place where they can find self and self expression, a place where they can belong, a place where they can feel important and valuable. And for many that place is the Workhouse.”

The event raised over $200,000 which will allow the Workhouse to continue to fulfill its mission of providing this important healing resource and to grow as a dynamic, widely-recognized destination of choice that provides engaging arts and cultural experiences like no other.

Of course, while doing something so incredibly important as raising money for the arts and history, all enjoyed a full evening of fun. Entertained by Detective Poirot himself, with devious Rachet around, and fabulous Workhouse Cabaret performers who turned out to be the murders, the crowd truly celebrated the Workhouse and all it has to offer by dancing the night away to the 1930s tunes provided by Doc Scantlin band and the fabulous Chou Chou.

Photo credit: Steve Hibbard

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