Beauty Spotlight: Dr. Bahar Bahrami

Name and occupation.

Dr. Bahar Bahrami
Owner at Tysons Elite Dental

What is your biggest beauty splurge that you deem necessary?

A hot shower, daily moisturizer, and a good night sleep

What is the beauty product will you not leave the house without?


What is your workout pick?

There’s nothing better than a good run that starts from home and ends at home. I also enjoy Yoga.

What did you formerly do that you realized wasn’t  worth the money?

Eyelash extensions

What is your view on diet?

I believe in moderate eating, I love cooking fresh meals at home for the family. Also a fruit/vegetable cleanse every now and then makes me feel good.

What’s your spa fix?

Monthly facials are a must in the line of work I do. They make my skin feel fresh.

Hair by Rodi Bechara at Rodi Salon

Makeup by Merle Norman

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