All You Need is Love (But a little jewelry never hurts!)

As St. Valentine’s Day draws near, its status as the romantic holiday remains strong, but times are changing and now many people are coming to regard February 14th as more of a “love”—rather than an “in love”—holiday, choosing to recognize all their most affectionate relationships, including family and friends.

Amidst the scramble to find creative gifts for Valentine’s Day, the truth is, no matter the recipient, you can never go wrong with a beautiful bauble. Because in a world of disposable items, fine jewelry stands out as an exquisite ornament that can be worn and appreciated for years to come. It’s the perfect present to give everyone on your Valentine’s shopping list as it’s not only a beautiful accessory but also a personal and public expression of the recipient’s personality, often a remembrance of life’s milestones, and always a reminder of the giver.

Gifters can be assured that fine jewelry and diamonds will always “fit” and there’s always room for more. “I have enough jewelry”, said no one, ever.

“I have always felt a gift diamond shines so much better than one you buy for yourself.”

—Mae West

If you like the idea of giving gifts of fine jewelry, there are plenty from which to choose, from chic vintage-inspired to contemporary; dangerously glamorous to timelessly classic.  Fine jewelry (as opposed to fashion jewelry) is made from precious metals such as gold or platinum and often features diamonds and/or gemstones.  So if you really want to impress this Valentine’s Day, diamonds and gemstones are great ways to do it, and can be found in every price range. This is the gift that will be cherished forever.

Here are some of the best reasons why this is the year to give diamonds and fine jewelry – simple or extravagant – on Valentine’s Day:

  • Because she’s like a sister: A delicate chain with one or more small diamond drops or petite diamond hoop earring are the pieces that can be worn everyday with almost any outfit, from business suit to T-shirt.
  • Because he’s your best friend: An 18K gold dog-tag necklace personalized with his name, yours, or your names together.  Or if he’s a real free spirit, how about a single diamond stud for his ear?
  • Because you’ve been dating a year: You can keep it casual, but very personal, with jewelry that has a sweet message or personalized charm, like your initials combined or a symbol of a shared experience.  For a bigger statement of love, look for jewelry pieces with breathtaking gemstones or diamonds.  Just imagine her reaction when you light up her wrist with a gift every woman secretly craves…a   diamond tennis bracelet!
  • Because you’ve made it 15 years: Consider commemorating your love and partnership – how far you’ve come together, the hurdles you’ve overcome and the adventures you’ve had – with a diamond or gemstone eternity ring.
  • Because your mom deserves it: Show her how much she means to you with a diamond pendant necklace that will be worn close to her heart.
  • Because it’s a timeless heirloom: Start a family tradition of giving children a fine piece of jewelry—perhaps engraved with their name and age or begin building a charm bracelet—to create a jewelry wardrobe that they can cherish for years to come.

For the most meaningful Valentine’s Day gift, choose a piece of jewelry that matches his or her unique style.  But as with any major purchase, educating yourself is key to choosing something that you’ll love giving and a gift that will be cherished forever.

Although buyers often hope to discover a great Internet deal when it comes time to shop, sometimes that “online bargain” can turn into a nightmare.  Consulting and shopping with a reputable local jeweler, therefore, is always to be recommended.  By shopping on-site you will be able to determine actual quality by examining each piece closely to determine the color and sparkle of diamonds or gemstones as well as overall workmanship. When you buy from a local jeweler, you have the advantage of understanding the true quality of each piece of jewelry.

“If you don’t know jewelry, know the jeweler.”

—Warren Buffet

The jewelry store experience should be relaxed and fun. The best jewelers are passionate about their craft and love sharing their knowledge with customers. The education and expertise you gain in the jewelry store will guide you in choosing the perfect gift for a lifetime of wearing pleasure.  By choosing quality from the very beginning you’ll have beautiful, well-made jewelry that can be passed down for generations.

An added plus of establishing a relationship with a local jeweler is that they will be there for your future purchases, repairs or custom design needs.

So whether to acknowledge a friendship, new beginnings or endless love, the gift of fine jewelry carries deep emotional meaning in a swipe-right world where things are increasingly fast and artificial.  Valentine’s Day is a terrific time to celebrate the one(s) you love.  Show your appreciation for him or her with an unforgettable gift of fine jewelry.

Chocolates get eaten and flowers die, but fine jewelry is forever!

Princess Jewelers:
Offering “Diamonds” in a Rhinestone World

For more than three decades, the area’s most discerning buyers have made Princess Jewelers their trusted family jeweler.  Its loyal clientele comes back year after year, always returning for the same reasons: unsurpassed quality, extraordinary service and exceptional value.

With the inventory of a large company, coupled with the warmth and welcoming feel of a small boutique, Princess Jewelers is a perennial favorite on local lists as the best place to buy jewelry in the Metro area. They offer a fabulous array of exquisite diamond and gemstone bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings and brilliant “milestone” pieces, with a GIA-certified gemologist and master goldsmiths on site to assist in the design of truly unique, custom jewelry.

Since opening their doors in 1988, Princess Jewelers has worked with its clients to create relationships, not just transactions, and always strives to offer peace of mind as the jeweler customers can trust for outstanding quality, value, and service.  Combining the best of all worlds, Princess’ enviable reputation and loyal clientele has been forged over 30 years, one satisfied customer at a time.

The secret is out; Princess Jewelers is the premier destination for the area’s savviest buyers looking for exquisite and unique custom jewelry that’s fit for royalty!

Princess Jewelers

529 Maple Ave. W.
Vienna, VA 22180

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