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Summer’s here!  And despite the traditional hot and muggy days of July and August, we have so much in store for us.  Our editors have brought us some options for beating the heat and enjoying those summer moments.  Cassandra Parker gives us Live Music Venues, we have close-in excursions and music festivals, get-away options for the shore…. we hope you’ll enjoy our summer issue.

There are hundreds of thousands of children in America’s foster care program.  My wife, Michelle, and I know first-hand how they arrive and we love the non-profit we met bringing help for these children.  As they move from home to home, they are generally accompanied by a large trash bag holding their belongings.  Rob, and husband Reece Scheer, formed a non-profit to address this, and it’s wonderful.  Read about it, help if you can. Rick Mundy brought us the story. Thank you, Rick!

Claude Moore Colonial Farm is looking for some help from the community. Scott Monett is asking for your help.

Drones are coming.  Aviation attorney Mark Dombroff suggests we take time to review some rules of the road.  Thank you, Mark.  Keith Loria interviews Michael McDonald and The Alden Theatre is presenting eight, free outdoor concerts for all ages.  More?  You bet.  Selected Events has ’em.

Dr. Jordana Fein of The Retina Group of Washington says giving back and helping those less fortunate in the developing world is the “Coolest thing I’ve ever done” she means it.  Rick sat down with the doctor.  Great story. Thanks, Rick.  Seniors have more choices today than ever before.  We thought we might ask a few of our area seniors for thoughts on their new home.  Lots of happy seniors.  

Cotillions? Yes. The National League of Junior Cotillions here in Northern Virginia has programs, events, and gatherings. Linda got us the story. Thanks, Linda. 

More wineries in Virginia?  Linda found some.  Undoing sun damage?  Ask Analiese Kreutzer on page 67.  Thank you, Analiese.  Growing beauty trends?  Marta Bota shares some favorites.

Hungry? Dolce Vita Cucina Italiana and Wine Bar is a must!  Renee Skarew says so!  Michael Evans of Helga’s Caterers shows us how to create a “not your average” summer BBQ.

And how about a visit to the Chesapeake with Allison Chase Sutherland? Some great options for a summer get-away.   Plus, Tysons Updates, Jokes, Quotes, Horoscopes, Jan King and so much more.  We hope you enjoy our work.

Every July 4th I think about the words of my father.  Dad was an immigrant from the holy land in the late 40’s.  He always reminded me that the sounds of explosions from the fireworks every 4th of July weren’t nearly as loud as the sound and pounding of his heart when he and Mom saw the Statue of Liberty for the first time.

Happy Birthday, America. Have a safe summer.

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