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2015-06_NovDecOur first issue of VivaTysons was published in November of 2008.  Our move from a newsletter and web portal to the 164-page adored publication had a simple mission: bring the Tysons communities of McLean, Vienna, Great Falls, Oakton and Falls Church together and celebrate the independent businesses and professionals in a publication that had the look and feel of the best national magazines to call attention to the exceptional services and merchandise they offer.

A resident for over 40 years, I have always loved the small towns and communities surrounding my neighborhood—the many wonderful restaurants, merchants, professionals and service providers I had the pleasure of meeting—and learning about the history of our area, rich with the tales and landmarks that built a nation.

Our vision for our publication was apparently “spot-on.” With a present run of 22,500 magazines and with our new sister publication, Le Nouveau Moi, our value has never been more needed or appreciated than today. At a time when large, multinational companies are using the marketing muscle public companies have at their disposal to win market share and disrupt brick and mortar establishments, our commitment to our neighborhood friends is stronger than ever.

According to our friends at the 3/50 Project, for every $100 spent in our local stores, $68 remains here through taxes, payroll and other expenditures. Spend it online and the community gets nothing.  We urge you, despite the temptations and convenience the web offers, please try and support as many of area merchants as possible. They’ve been waiting all year for this season.

As the holidays approach we hope to keep you abreast of the many celebrations and special events through our newsletters and web portals and we invite your questions and comments on how we can continue to be your resource for life in the next Great American City.

Our writers and designers are thrilled to bring you the November/December issue of VivaTysons:  music, dining, recipes, gift ideas, stories and updates on what’s going on and where it’s happening. So much more on holiday celebrations and options for your enjoyment.

Our newest member of the VivaTysons family—Lisa Shapiro has the Food Desk covered for you—watch for her dining updates and reviews. Keith Loria is still on the music trail, and Linda is uncorking more wine, and our usual line up of great writers and designers have done it again.

Meet our friend and artist Jessica Speckhard—fascinating work. Read about the Mason Row Development and how Northern Virginia is becoming a “Retirement Haven.” And, have you been to Brine in the Mosaic District?

We’d like to give a quick “thanks” to our new advertisers and readers! From all of us at VivaTysons, we wish you a joyous and safe holiday and a healthy, happy new year.


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