Spoiled Smoke Salmon Says “I Love You”

Smoked Salmon is always part of the Holiday Celebrations in our home. Christmas Eve, Thanksgiving Day, New Year’s Morning – always includes smoked salmon, we can’t get enough of it!  And yet, we always seem to throw some of it out, since it spoils because no one eats the last 1/4 pound or so.  It’s wasteful and expensive, and only recently has it occurred to me that the reason for the spoilage and waste is love.  Love.  I love smoked salmon, as does my son, my wife, and my mother in law who lives with us.  I would never eat the last quarter pound because I save it for my son.  My son saves it for me and my wife, and mom saves it for us.  “Save it for them” we think.

It seems as though everyone in our home is always thinking about the rest of the family and would never take the last bite, preferring to save it for the others.  So we throw it, knowing the reason why it’s spoiled.  It’s Love.

Happy Holidays.

-Johnny Hanna, Publisher

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