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2015MarAprilI’m a big fan of spring.  It’s a change in season that signals a new beginning and it’s especially true in the new great American city we call home.  So much going on!

Have you been to the new Founding Farmers Restaurant on Tysons Boulevard?  Renee Sklarew takes us on a tour and gives us a review.  We love the place – maybe a perfect example of the trajectory for new places yet to open in Tysons.

Friends of Clemyjontri is holding its annual fundraiser this April 25th. Learn more about Clemyjontri Park, a fantastic play destination accessible to all and maybe consider a gift in support of this McLean treasure.  And The Wydler Brothers have recently joined with A Wider Circle to help families in need with their 1000 Bed Challenge.  They need beds. Please help if you can.

With so much landscaping planned for Tysons, we thought we would bring you some ideas for the home.  Jane Leigh Luce gives us some ideas and thoughts on water gardens.

Keith Loria talks with Art Garfunkel at Wolf Trap and shows us the two sides of artist David Carlson.

Bone Broth?  Read Judy Caplan’s take on the latest health craze.

Donny, Gail and Judy of The Clock Shop of Vienna have been helping us keep our time treasures ticking for decades.  A wonderful landmark and the place to buy an heirloom for the family.  Stop in and say hi.

Think all pharmacies are the same?  Read about Bijan Ahmadi and his wife Shahla Shakeri of Tysons Pharmacy.  Outstanding service and great value.  You’ll be amazed at the value they can extend to your prescription needs.

We’ve been enjoying the Amphora Diner in Vienna for years – it’s a great story of the American Dream and the Cholakis/Bilidas families.  And please check out more restaurant reviews from Renee Sklarew on Nostos and Ristorante Bonorati.  Lucky us, so many great family owned places to mangia!

This summer Fairfax will be hosting The World Police and Fire Games in June.  12,000 public safety athletes from 70 countries will be right here in Fairfax.  That’s a big number – (more than the number of athletes in the 2012 Summer Olympics). They are in desperate need of volunteers – please consider lending a hand.

We hope you’re enjoying our new mini-zine, Le Nouveau Moi, as much as we are enjoying its production. Our publisher, MJ Cincotta, is on the lookout for your thoughts and comments. Write her at MJ@vivatysons.com.

Have a great spring. See you in May.

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