Movement Prep

More Than Just a Warm Up “Warm up before you begin vigorous exercise”—a standard practice almost everyone has followed for decades, and still good advice today. At One To One, and other advanced training facilities, we aim to make [...]

Functional Training

Over the past decade, progressive fitness professionals have embraced the idea of “functional training.” However, our understanding and implementation of functional training continues to evolve. Initially, and still at its most basic level, functional training was seen as training [...]

Exercise for Fat Loss

Weight loss, especially fat loss, is probably the most common reason people exercise. As a result, one of the most frequent questions personal trainers get is “what is the best type of exercise to promote fat loss?” There are [...]

Get Your Bike On

Now that the winter weather has subsided, it’s the perfect opportunity to get your bicycle out of the garage, give it a quick tune-up and go take a ride. Whether you’re someone who just likes to enjoy leisurely rides [...]

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