Three Daily Habits of Healthy People

Three Daily Habits of Healthy People

Sometimes it seems like the world of health and fitness can be incredibly confusing. There are so many mixed messages, workout programs, fad diets, fitness products and people trying to sell to you, that it can be very hard to know what’s right.

Believe it or not, being healthy doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, when you look around at people who are energized and living a healthy life, they often exhibit similar simple daily habits—all of which add up to make them successful.

Those habits include …

1. Finding ways to move the body every single day, at regular intervals throughout the day.

The healthiest of people don’t just hit their daily 10,000 steps—they go over and above that mark every single day. That’s because movement is part of their lives.

They go the extra mile to get in extra steps, no matter where they are. For instance, healthy people park in the back of the parking lot far away from the entrance, so they have to walk to the front door. They always take the stairs instead of the elevator. And they even plan active social get-togethers with their friends in order to catch up and move at the same time.

When you start to understand that the body loves natural movement, you crave it. And the fittest people are never standing (and definitely not sitting) still for too long.

2. Eating mostly healthy foods that they love the taste of and leaving room for indulgences.

If you don’t like the taste of your food, you will never be satisfied. And healthy people know that, so they take time to learn how to cook delicious and healthy food or pay for a chef-based service to cook it for them. They want to enjoy every single bite, while getting in all the right macronutrients and micronutrients too.

The healthiest of people are not just eating plain chicken breasts with brown rice, they are creating soups, salads and bowls of roasted veggies, lean proteins, lots of healthy fat, nuts, seeds and seasonings, all of which fill them up and nourish their bodies. They like variety. They like veggies. They like fresh produce. And they look to whole unprocessed foods most of the time. They also hydrate, eat at regular intervals throughout the day, and they leave room for treats and sweets too, because they know that life is too short to avoid birthday cake, red wine and pizza.

3. Doing workouts that they find fun and always trying new things.

The healthiest of people are not hitting the gym every single day only to run for exactly 45 minutes at the same pace on the same treadmill as their workout and then packing up and heading home. Far from it. Healthy people work very hard to try new exercise moves, new programs, new classes, new sports and new activities so that they always have a rotation of a few things they can do that they absolutely love.

This doesn’t mean that the healthiest of people don’t have a regular workout routine and follow a program to meet certain goals or objectives, but it does mean that they have variety in some of their workouts, and many of those workouts bring them joy. That’s why at Fitness Together, we support being your healthiest and fittest by offering a varied fitness routine with cardio, strength and flexibility, using new equipment and incorporating new challenges all the time for our clients — so the mind doesn’t get bored, nor does the body. We know this helps to keep our healthy clients coming back for more.

Because fit people don’t work out to punish their bodies, they find workouts that let them celebrate what their bodies can do, and they also seek just the right amount of challenge too. And they also know when to ask for help, especially from a qualified trainer, like we have at Fitness Together. If you want help putting together a workout program you can love, contact Fitness Together Tysons today!

Fitness is a lifestyle, and healthy people learn to incorporate these simple habits into their day, so they become second nature. And you can do it too!

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