Vienna Restaurateurs Join to Open Chase the Submarine

Beloved Vienna restaurateurs Michael Amouri (of Caffe Amouri) and husband-and-wife chef duo Tim Ma and Joey Hernandez (of Water & Wall and formerly of Maple Ave Restaurant), celebrated their grand opening Wednesday, November 18, of latest project, Chase the Submarine, offering gourmet sandwiches, butcher shop and coffee shop for just 30 guests located at 132 Church Street (formerly Kiln & Co.). They opened their doors at 10:30 AM and sold out by 2 PM – a huge testament to how supportive the neighborhood has been to local area businesses.

The community has been eagerly anticipating the opening of Chase the Submarine, whose namesake Chase after Chef Ma’s son, since February when word got out about the opening of the “family owned and operated modern deli” that serves sandwiches, subs and sides as part of a fast casual dining experience. “The foundation for Chase the Submarine came together because we share identical business philosophies that revolve around offering high quality product in addition to giving back to the community we both live in and proudly call home”, said Amouri and Ma in an announcement in February.

On the menu, Chase the Submarine features tastes from around the globe while celebrating the best of Virginia’s farms and local purveyors. Some menu highlights include the Virginia Milano with Virginia ham, Olli Berkshire prosciutto, and provolone cheese or perhaps their interpretation of a Cuban, Pork + Pickles with pineapple braised Polyface pork shoulder, Dijon mustard, rambutan (a Southeast Asian fruit with a sweet and sour taste much like a grape), Gruyere cheese, and dill pickled apples, or the Belly Banh Mi with foie gras pate, pork belly, daikon, cilantro, and jalapeno.

“Fast casual eateries are becoming extremely popular in tight-knit communities for a reason, because they are fun, accessible, on point pricing-wise, offer quality and fresh products, warm friendly service, and serve as that special go-to place in the neighborhood where residents know they can pop by, grab a great sandwich, and enjoy each others company. We’re excited to bring Chase the Submarine to life on Church Street which serves as the historic heart of Vienna.”

They posted on the Chase the Submarine Facebook page, lovingly maintained by Joey, herself, “Chase is the result of two years of careful (and fun) planning, chatting, arguing, making decisions and changing our minds, drawing, mapping out, more planning, re-arranging, number crunching, hand wringing and, finally, outfitting and cooking. Our promise is to bring to you unique sandwiches and other food items made with only the highest quality ingredients, all responsibly sourced, prepared with passion and love by Chef Tim Ma and his incredible staff of chefs and cooks. We further promise to treat you all with respect; ensuring that ‘Every customer who walks in our doors will walk out feeling just a little bit better.’ Additionally, we pledge to be active and responsible members of the community. Reaching out and giving back.”

Considering that they were sold out within in a few hours on opening day, it sounds like Chase the Submarine is off to a strong start. When will you visit?

Location: 132 Church St NW Vienna, Virginia 22180
Phone: 703-865-7829

Mon-Thu: 10:30 am-8:00 pm
Fri-Sat: 10:30 am-9:00 pm
Sun: 10:30 am-8:00 pm

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