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2015SepOctHappy Birthday Silver Line!  They say water never boils while you watch it, but the changes and benefits of our new transportation options are everywhere.  New restaurants, magnificent new towering apartments, condos, and jobs and new opportunities.  The Vita at Tysons Corner Center, Nouvelle at Arbor Row, The New Hyatt in Tysons, The Ascent, the new planned “Boro” as well as the jobs facilitated by easy transportation to our Tysons destination…Wow!   As we go to press, EY  (formerly Ernst & Young LLP) announced its move to Tysons bringing an additional 462 jobs to 1775 Tysons Blvd in the new Lerner building. 

Marcia McAllister covers the celebration—thanks Marcia.  It’s an exciting time for those of us who are working to build America’s next great city.  Kudos to The Tysons Partnership and all those working to build a great environment for tomorrow.

My first Oyster dining experience was at the “Oyster Riot” at the Old Ebbitt Grill downtown at the invitation of my customer and friend, Bart Farrell.  It’s been said that the best season for oysters are in months ending in “ber.”  Few people know Oysters like Bart, so it was only fitting to ask him for an intro to our oyster feature—thanks Bart!  Enjoy our feature and, of course, your next oyster experience.

The holidays are coming (yikes!) and with the holidays come those fun-filled company and family celebrations.  We have put together a list of some great spots for your private and company party considerations. Book early, indications are it will be a good season.

We are getting more requests from our readership to provide more options for home improvement and luxury living options, and we’re working hard to do so.  As we celebrate the great indoors this issue, please read about how Antonio and Francisca Alonso of AV Architects transformed a home that needed a lot of TLC into the dream home of Meg Long and Brandon Sappington, and how Hillary Statts has turned a downsizing property into a jewel box treasure.

Our friend Wilma Bowers gives us insight into a few of Bowers Design Build’s customized outdoor spaces that turn those lacking concrete patios into extra living space that can be used year-round.  And of course, not to be missed is the latest home remodeling project from our friends at Sun Design. 

You don’t have to have a stroke (like I did many years ago) to understand and appreciate the life renewing organizations that have been helping stroke victims get the lives back.  Please read about the Stroke Comeback Center in Vienna—and keep your eyes open for the signs of a stroke—they are easy to miss and those first few hours are critical.

Hungry?  (Of course you are!)  Head on down to the Mosaic District and find the interior designer turned restaurateur (or maybe it’s the other way around?)  You’ll love this unique café and their recipe for success.  A review of Sisters Thai from Renee Sklarew.  Thanks Renee.

How about a little Irish Fare and a Guinness?    Nikki Cheshire brings us a look at Fairfax’s first Irish Pub—The Auld Shebeen.   Still Hungry?  Let’s move east—how about some Indian Cuisine at Saffron in Falls Church and Bollywood Bistro in Great Falls.  Our summer intern, Nikki Cheshire, brought us some great articles, research and joy this summer.  Such a pleasure to have someone so sharp and ambitious.  She’s off to finish her studies, and we can’t thank her enough for her contributions.  We’re going to miss you Nikki!

We have been honored to have so many new advertisers offering great products and services to our readers.  We appreciate your participation in our efforts to build community.  Thanks!

Kids are back at school, drive carefully, and please remember our small and independent merchants and service providers when looking for products or services. Our local merchants need your support more than ever.

See you in November.  Cheers!

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