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2014MayJunI grew up listing to Paul Harvey.  Everyday around noon I would wait to hear “Good Morning America, I’m Paul Harvey.” And in his booming voice he gave me his interpretations to the day’s events; he told me “The Rest of the Story” and armed me with quotes I could use as I set up appointments for my afternoon sales calls.

What attracted me most to Paul Harvey’s talk was his unapologetic devotion and commitment to his sponsors and advertisers. A master peddler, he once told Larry King that some days “the best news in the broadcast is the commercial.

I mention this because while shopping online is a tremendous convenience, my favorite retailers are disappearing. Just this Saturday, as I attempted to rent a lens for a special project, I found the bankruptcy sign on Calumet Photo (aka Penn Camera).  I am going to miss that store, and the great folks who were always on hand to give me advise and help when I needed it. What can we do? It all starts with us.

In an effort to illuminate and keep our independents top of mind, we have installed some VivaTysons Community Merchant Screens around town.  These screens offer our advertisers more opportunities to bring their message to the immediate community, and give our hosts some exciting digital media to energize and illuminate their offerings.  You can see them at Maggio’s in Vienna, (Thank you Chris and Sherry), Star-Nut in McLean, (Thank you Joe and Denise), and Ireland’s Four Provinces in Falls Church.  (Thank you Colm Dillon).  More are  on the way.

We were introduced to  Elaine Jean who has written “Carpe Weekend: 52 Day Trips and Adventures near Washington DC.” We loved her write up on the “limóncello” factory near by… so many more adventures in the book…we plan to bring you some more in upcoming issues….stay tuned… thanks Elaine Jean.

What beautiful work by Joanne Wasserman. Wonderful. We hope you enjoy her masterpieces.

Russ Glickman of Glickman Home Remodeling and Design  was thrown a curve ball and hit it out of the park.  A wonderful, heart-warming story about one of our area’s best home remodelers who travels to the beat of a drum many of us hopefully will never hear.  Inspirational, tender, and heartwarming and written for us by Debbie Sahlin, Director of the Lollipop Kids Foundation in Maryland.
Thanks Debbie.

Everything tastes better outside.  Dining Al-Fresco, Farmers Markets, Bikes…we have a few stories to welcome the summer.  And don’t forget to see us at the “TasteTysons Celebration,”“Viva Vienna,” “Merrifield Festival,” “Taste of Vienna,” and shopping at the new “Mosaic Central Farmers Market.”

Please remember to support our local merchants and service providers—they need and deserve our support and enjoy the all too often Summertime in Washington.


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