Chef Patrick Bazin’s opening of Alegria on Church Street in Vienna is a story about family love and dietary restrictions. Let’s talk about the ”love” part, first. Bazin and his wife, Julie, have clearly built family love around their [...]


Anita’s Restaurant has been a part of the Vienna scene for over 30 years. It started as a little mom-and-pop place serving authentic New Mexico-style cuisine, which relies heavily on the flavors of gr een and red chilies. This [...]

Le Pain Quotidien

My friend and I decided to check out the new center in Merrifield called MOSAICthat combines retail stores, a grocer, restaurants and a movie theatre (that serves wine!) with apartments. They call themselves an “Urban Retail Development.” As we walked [...]

Pazzo Pomodoro

When one thinks of Neapolitan food, images of pasta, pizza, and tomatoes fill your head, but that stereotype barely scratches the surface of the delectable full menu that Chef Raffaele Mastromarino conjures up at Pazzo Pomodoro, Vienna’s newest Italian [...]

Absolute Thai

This McLean restaurant is located in a little mall with at least three to four other restaurants. They are all good but Absolute Thai stands out by offering delicate French pastries that are mouthwatering works of art. When I [...]

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