<strong>A Seasoning for all Tastes</strong>

A Seasoning for All Tastes

Michael and Bianca Clarkson go all in to create the best flavored butters and seasonings available.

Every cook knows that there’s nothing better than butter to make a dish taste good. At least that was until Yummy Butter came along! Now there is even a better option for quick and tasty meal preparation in the form of flavored butters and herb blends created by a local couple.

Yummy Butter is the creation of entrepreneurs Michael and Bianca Clarkson who stumbled across their first recipe and realized they had developed something fantastic. Here’s their story…

Michael Clarkson lived with a grandmother who loved to cook, and the home was filled with wonderful aromas. This sparked his interest in learning more about the art of cooking, so Michael started watching cooking shows and videos and taught himself to cook. It also encouraged him to explore various combinations of ingredients and flavors to create dishes he and his own family enjoyed.

One evening, Michael had the inspiration to create a garlic butter to flavor the pasta dinner. And both Michael and Bianca went “wow.” “Michael’s garlic butter was so delicious that I knew immediately that we should try to package it and sell it,” Bianca said. Not long afterwards, they created the company Yummy Butter and made this their first product.

Experimenting with other flavors and ingredients the couple came up with four flavor profiles in total: Garlic Butter (best seller!), Sweet Butter, Seafood Butter and Lemon Pepper Butter, and decided to see if they would sell at local farmer’s markets. The couple’s first market was the Juneteenth event in Leesburg, VA in 2021 where the butters sold out quickly.

As they wanted to expand their product line, they experimented more, and discovered flavor profiles they loved from combinations of herbs and spices. The C-Sonings line was born. “We created varieties like spicy or relaxed for different taste buds,” Bianca said. The four-product C-Sonings line includes Caribbean C-Soning, Blackened C-Soning, Herb C-Soning and Taco C-Soning. Yummy Butters and C-Sonings are now created in two professional kitchens in Northern Virginia.

Sample Yummy Butters and C-Sonings at Local Farmer’s Markets

The Clarksons continue to promote their products at area farmer’s markets where they encourage visitors to sample their products. “We want people to taste what they like and get ideas on how to use the butters and C-Sonings,” Michael said. “For example, you can use our Garlic Butter as a base ingredient, put it into the water when cooking pasta, or melt it onto chicken, steak or seafood after they are cooked—it’s especially easy to create Shrimp Scampi! Our Sweet Butter is often used on toast with breakfast, sweet potatoes for dinner or popcorn for a late-night snack.”

Eat Well While Saving Time and Money

As parents of two young boys themselves, the Clarksons know how their products save both time and money. “People are in a time crunch between work, the gym and kids,” Michael said. “We want to give families the flavor they can’t normally get unless they spent hours on it. Our Yummy Butters and C-Sonings give families the chance to enjoy good food, with all the flavor they need in one jar.”

“Our products are very simple and contain butter and seasonings you’d find at the grocery story. Except we do the work of combining them, which saves the home cook money and time on purchasing all the ingredients separately,” Bianca said. “Now it’s fun to cook great meals at home, and a lot more healthy than eating out.”

Living and Working Together

“We’ve always worked together,” Michael added. “We met at UPS when we were both working there. I was a driver and she was in the warehouse. I stalked her for three years—but not in a creepy way,” he said with a laugh. “We then went to work at JK Moving and started creating businesses together. They both took the leap to leave their jobs and focus on Yummy Butter full time in 2023. “We’re putting everything into it.”

“Working together can be challenging,” Bianca added. “We bring work home. But it’s really nice to know you can count on your partner to be there every day and to trust them when it comes to advice. And having done this ourselves, I encourage other people to start their own business too. Start something with your family, husband, wife or kids. You can do anything!”

Purchase Locally, Online and Through Subscription

Yummy Butters, C-Sonings and other merchandise are available at farmer’s markets and online through the Yummy Butter website. Local pickup from online orders is available too. And the couple’s newest endeavor is a subscription service where subscribers receive eight recipes per month, discounts on refills, and other bonuses. Sign up, order online, find recipes, and learn more at: www.yummybuttershop.com

If you want to enjoy delicious meals, prepared in a fraction of the time and cost, you need to visit, sample and fall in love with Yummy Butter. Are these the best butters and seasonings you’ll ever try? You butter believe it!

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