Do You Know About Dental Savings Plans?

Do You Know About Dental Savings Plans?

They are even a better value than Dental Insurance. With rising costs of activities and daily needs, proactive care can fall by the wayside. As parents, we want our children to be happy and healthy. This is no small task!

Pediatric Dentistry has come a long way since the 1960’s when dental insurance plans were first introduced in the United States. Insurance plans have not advanced with the technology and treatment philosophies of modern dentistry. Approximately 59% of Americans do not use their full insurance benefits, in large part because the plan benefits are not tailored properly to standard treatment recommendations (especially for children).

Children often do not require the amalgam (silver) fillings, bridges or dentures that most insurance call “covered benefit.” On the other hand, insurances do not cover the services that children often need. Children may require extra time, or additional visits to the dentist based on their level of cooperation, age, special needs, and anxiety related concerns. This leads to unused benefits and wasted dollars. Smile Wonders has taken the initiative to offer a customized pediatric dental savings plan for their patients. They offer 4 different levels of care specifically tailored for your child’s age and preventive care needs. Toddler plan is ideal for children under three to establish a great oral hygiene routine as soon as those teeth start coming in! Child Complete plan is geared to those patients who have established good homecare and want to receive the best preventative care in the office. Child Preferred plan is extra helpful for kids who need additional in-office cleanings to help with plaque buildup and difficulties with homecare. The Teen Complete plan is specifically tailored for teens, starting at age 13y, to make sure they are receiving the best preventative care and getting help with managing homecare and plaque build-up!

All the plans include various levels of age-appropriate doctor exams, cleanings, diagnostic x-rays and carries risk appropriate fluoride varnish treatments. This is the best value approach to putting your child’s pediatric dental visits on autopilot! Additionally, savings plan members receive 15% off all other services provided at the office.

If you are looking for a plan to get your child’s dental care needs addressed, reach out to Smile Wonders and find out why kids love us, and parents trust us!

Membership Savings Plans

  • 15% off ALL other services
  • Low monthly fee
  • Gentle Waterlaser dentistry
  • No-shot, No drill for fillings
  • IV sedation in office

Smile Wonders

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