Beauty Spotlight: Dianna Villarreal

Beauty Spotlight: Dianna Villarreal

Name and occupation.

Diana Villarreal, Founder at Project Hope International

What is your biggest beauty splurge that you deem necessary?

Without a doubt, getting highlights and cut at Salon Tony with the beautiful Diana. (yes we share the same name)

What is the beauty product will you not leave the house without?

My moisturizer! I wash my hands all day long, and I like my skin to feel soft.  Occasionally, I will apply some on my face when it’s been a long day too.

What is your workout pick?

I have a holistic approach to stay for. I use the ab roller four times a week, intermediate yoga once a week, and long walks or hikes when I can.

What did you formerly do that you realized wasn’t  worth the money?

That’s a tough one because I choose to work for nonprofits and they typically are on a really tight budget.

What is your view on diet?

Balanced diet for the most past. I treat myself to a slice of pizza or a hamburger once in a blue moon.

What’s your spa fix?

I love the Four Seasons in Georgetown, deep tissue massage.


Hair by Diana at Salon O Tony

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