Beauty Spotlight: Jennifer Wong

Name and occupation.

Jennifer Wong Broker & Owner
WHomes Real Estate Brokerage

What is your biggest beauty splurge ?

After my 4 children are all tucked into bed and the house is finally quiet, a mug of herbal tea and aromatherapy hot bath and I allow myself that time at night to decompress from my day.

What is the beauty product will you would not leave the house without?

Eyelash curler and lipstick

What did you formerly do that you realized wasn’t was worth it?

I never would use daily face lotion and night cream. Now I’m obsessed with it and it makes such a big difference with the brightness and making my skin look younger.

What is your workout pick?

I love walking with my dog on nature trails. Scotts Run is right next door so we visit it as often as we can.

What is your view on diet?

Since I have a large family with four kids eating and cooking is a big deal in our home. My rule is we can eat anything as long as we can make it ourselves.

What’s your spa fix?

I’m a huge massage fan I try to get them often for the health of my back and neck.

Salon O Tony

Hair by Vidal at Salon o Tony

Makeup by Bellina Lambdin and Sharon Holland at Merle Norman

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