Mamma Mia! Gelato, the Italian treat, is now mainstream!

So we’re here at Pazzo Gelato, and we can’t make up our minds. We forgot about ice cream a while back, and now we’re busy trying the many flavors and textures of our hometown gelato shop.

Though similar to ice cream, gelato wins the battle by being softer, smoother and more dense than regular ice cream. It also has more flavor! There is less cream in gelato, no egg yolks at all, and considerably less fat than traditional ice cream. Yay! (another scoop, please!)

Gelato is served and stored at warmer temperatures than regular ice cream. The warmer temperature doesn’t numb your tongue like ice cream, and that really enhances the taste bud experience. Less cold, more flavor!

Catherine de Medici is credited with bringing gelato from Florence, Italy to France after she married the king in 1533. Legend has it that a Florentine man named Ruggeri won a competition for the most unusual dish with his new frozen dessert, and then moved with Catherine de Medici to show the French that the Italians were better at cooking.

Here, Chef Juanito is the gelato master at Pazzo. He was trained in the old school Italian traditions of making gelato, so you can be sure you’re eating 100% real, handmade old-style gelato when at Pazzo. Chef Juanito blends fresh ingredients with Italian-imported ingredients to create amazing flavors.

Some popular flavors include Cocco, pistacchio, and Stracciatella (A vanilla blend with streaks of chocolate chips). The Brioche con Gelato is also a favorite, it’s like an ice cream sandwich but with gelato!

Pazzo’s smoothies are also a hit with area regulars. All smoothies are made-to-order and all made with all natural fruit—non-GMO, vegan, kosher, and gluten-free. There is no added sugar, and most smoothies are fat free for those looking for a healthier sweet option.

Pazzo Gelato is open everyday!

Pazzo Gelato

118 Branch Road, SE,
Vienna VA

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