The Perfect Bridal Makeup

Bridal season is in full swing from May through October! June is still the most popular month to get married but, in the 32 years (YIKES) that I’ve been a makeup artist, other months of the year are becoming popular as well!

In order for a makeup artist to design the perfect bridal makeup look it’s important for the artist to get to know the bride’s lifestyle, unique personality, as well as her everyday makeup style. Setting up a bridal makeup consultation, with plenty of time ahead of the wedding date, gives the bride and her makeup artist the opportunity to work through these details. Getting to know my bridal clients through this process allows me to serve them better!

“A picture is worth a thousand words” is an old expression, but it rings true when it comes to getting to know my bridal clients. I ask to see photos of everything! This includes the gown, headpiece, bridal party gowns, jewelry, and how she wears her makeup to special events, and in her daily life. This gives me plenty of visual feedback and I can create a bridal look that suits her unique personality, facial features, her comfort level, and theme of her wedding!

There are certain guidelines that I follow when creating the perfect bridal makeup. First, and most importantly, I apply makeup that has staying power! My makeup application needs to withstand all weather conditions, as well as looking fresh all day and evening throughout a very busy and active day! The makeup also needs to look just as good in person as it does in photos! I layer products, such as primers, setting sprays, according to her skin type, and utilize my many signature techniques, and trade secrets to  keep her makeup looking fresh and flawless all day!

Bridal makeup should be balanced and well blended, with hints of color for a soft glowing effect. I do recommend keeping it classic and not too trendy, as the bride shouldn’t “date” her wedding photos! Wedding photos are the keepsakes of this monumental day, so the makeup should enhance her natural beauty, but not be the focal point! The BRIDE needs to stand out, NOT the makeup! To achieve this look I first apply corrective makeup and foundation to match her skin tone. This creates a flawless complexion. I use a combination of neutral matte and shimmer shadows on her eyes, creating depth as I accentuate the eyes! Applying lashes and intense eyeliner makes the eyes pop, especially in photos! Soft hues for added color to the cheeks and a hint of bronzer for contour gives a beautiful bridal glow! Lip color is so important, to pull it all together! For a dramatic effect reds or burgundy shades on the lips certainly do the trick! Keep them matte for a softer bridal look. If you want your eyes to be the focal point of your bridal makeup a soft rose, pink, or neutral nude lip will achieve that! Adding a light touch of gloss to these lighter lip shades gives the illusion  of a more luminous complexion!

On such a special day it’s always best to leave it to the professionals to make you look your best. Coordinate your makeup and hair artist for your trial on the same day so that you can see how it all works together. Be sure that you LOVE your bridal look before your wedding day, it’s one less thing to stress over!

I love working with women on this milestone and monumental day. To me it is more than just a makeup application, it is about making my bride feel as special as the day itself. Congrats to all the beautiful brides out there!

Marta Bota

Beauty Editor

Marta Bota is a pro celebrity makeup artist with over 25 years experience in the fashion, TV, bridal industries. She currently works with Comcast NBC Universal and has worked with CNN, HBO, FOX News Channel to name a few! She teaches makeup lessons and teen workshops. Marta holds the title of Ms. Virginia America 2016 and is a philanthropist. Ms. Bota contributes articles on beauty routines and makeup tips throughout the seasons!

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