Anti-Aging Beauty Secrets

We’re all bombarded with images of beautiful women in magazines, on the runway, and in social media. It can make even the most secure female feel a little rattled. In our obsession with youth culture anyone over the age of 35 can end up feeling like a “has been”. But that is so far from the truth!

We, as women, need to embrace all that comes with maturing. Life experience, depth, maturity, wisdom, independence,  and the feeling of empowerment in our choices! Age doesn’t mean that we have to give up looking beautiful. Age shouldn’t define or limit you. A woman who has “come into her own” is the most beautiful creature of all and, with some simple anti aging routines, you can slow down Father Time and maintain your youthful glow!

Here are some of my own personal anti aging tips!


Drinking water throughout the day not only flushes out toxins, keeping you healthy, but it hydrates the skin from the inside out. H2O is one of the best beauty treatments on the planet!!! Use the 8 x 8 rule by drinking 8-eight ounce glasses of water to stay hydrated!

Sun Protection

We all love the sun! It’s rays provide Vitamin D and being outdoors promotes a healthy lifestyle! Sun exposure without adequate skin protection, however, causes premature aging. Be sure to use a sunscreen with a high SPF to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Sunscreens have chemicals that can cause irritation, allergic reactions, and cancer. I recommend using organic sun-care products. My favorite product line is Limelife by Alcone. I love their products because of the natural ingredients. Limelife by Alcone Perfect Sunsreen has an SPF 30 and will protect without any harmful ingredients! It doesn’t get any better!

Beauty Sleep

There is no truer statement than this! Getting proper rest with a good night’s sleep not only feels great but this is the time that the skin repairs itself. Sleep is necessary to maintain your beauty.


Staying fit is truly the fountain of youth! As we age we lose muscle and our body fat redistributes itself. Working out with weights helps keep our muscles tone and body fat down. Remember to check with your doctor before starting any exercise routine and modify it according to your age and health issues.

Healthy Diet

A well balanced, healthy diet keeps our mind and body working efficiently, lowers our risk of getting diseases, and keeps us looking great! It’s the best defense when it comes to anti aging! Each of us has different health concerns, different needs, different metabolism, therefore it’s best to check with a nutritionist for your ideal
dietary plan!

Get Social

As humans we are social creatures. As we age our social circle gets smaller as we experience more losses in our lives.  We may be retiring, experiencing the empty nest, as well as other life changes. It’s vital for our mental health, well-being, and our overall health to stay connected to others. Being connected on social media outlets is a great way to reconnect with old friends and family members who may live far away. Joining social groups and/or staying active in church or other religious gatherings helps us stay connected to our faith as well as community! This has proven to keep you mentally healthy and even extend your life!

Marta Bota

Beauty Editor

Marta Bota is a pro celebrity makeup artist with over 25 years experience in the fashion, TV, bridal industries. She currently works with Comcast NBC Universal and has worked with CNN, HBO, FOX News Channel to name a few! She teaches makeup lessons and teen workshops. Marta holds the title of Ms. Virginia America 2016 and is a philanthropist. Ms. Bota contributes articles on beauty routines and makeup tips throughout the seasons!

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