Getting Your Tan On!

Preserving the beauty of your skin is something that I spend a lot of time discussing with my clients. It’s the secret to staying youthful-looking as you age! Using good skin care products and being consistent about it will keep your skin healthy, radiant, and beautiful!

The most important aspect of keeping your skin looking its best is to take precautions when it comes to sun exposure. Vitamin D is essential for optimal health, therefore, being outdoors is always a great idea. Just be sure to use your sunscreen daily all year long!

As we’re continuously being educated  about the damage that UV rays can cause, sunbathing is becoming a thing of the past. The healthy, vibrant, sun-kissed look is still very much sought after, however,  so what are we to do? Thankfully, technology in the beauty industry has kept up with this growing trend!  We can now get that gorgeous glow without compromising the health and condition of our skin! The options are endless!

As a seasoned makeup artist, beauty consultant, and beauty editor, staying on top of technology, products, and trends in the industry has to be second nature for me to properly serve my clients. I work with models, brides, and beauty  pageant contestants on a steady basis and prepare many of my clients for red carpet events. What does that mean? It means that I need to know the best techniques and products in order to achieve the results that my clients need and desire!

I’ve recently added  organic airbrush spray tanning to my menu of services. I love the effect of a professionally applied ( by hand with an airbrush) spray tan. When done correctly it should leave you with an even glow that is complimentary to your skin tone. It should last 5-10 days, and should fade evenly, like a natural tan. In order to achieve that the client must prep properly by exfoliating and shaving, and come to my tanning session free from lotions, makeup, perfumes, and deodorant. I custom blend a solution that matches the undertone of their skin and the desired tan depth ( for example; light, medium, deep ). Once they arrive at my studio, and I mix their custom blended solution, the actual process takes only between 15-20 minutes. Depending on the type of tan they choose ( classic or express ) the development time varies. Following my instructions, post tan, will ensure a beautiful glowing tan! I have a full line of pre- and post-tanning products! What I love most about my organic products is that there is no blotching as it fades! It also does NOT rub off on clothing! I’ve got tanning packages available, as well as makeup/tanning specials! This makes a great gift for your bridal party and/or for Mother’s Day! Get ready to look amazing this summer! To book your appointment go to

There are other ways to look beautifully  tan without the sun. I happen to love the sunless tanning products by St. Tropez! They have bronzing mousse, self tanning lotions, and after care products! I even love using them to give a spray tan a “boost” as it begins to fade!

To “fake” a tan (cosmetic effect only) try spraying Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs!  This spray-on is a cosmetic product. It has a nice finish and can be used on other parts of the body as well. Keep in mind that it does shower off, but it’s great in a pinch! It comes in several shades to match the skin tone. Be sure to wait at least five minutes before getting dressed, as it will get on the clothing before it dries. I recommend having it on hand because it gives the legs nice coverage looking as smooth as the effect of pantyhose, even on top of a spray tan!

The face always fades more quickly than the rest of the body when you are doing a “faux” tan, and that’s ok. This happens because we wash our face more than we do the rest of our body, and we tend to cleanse deeper, especially when removing makeup. It’s a quick fix by using a self tanning product on the face and/or faking it with makeup! Dusting a bronzer powder on the areas of the face that the sun naturally hits will give you a sun-kissed look! Add a pop of brighter blush on the apples of the cheeks and you’ll look perfect! I love Motives Bronzer/Blush Duo! It’s mineral pressed powder that you can use separately or mix together for a warm golden hue!

  • Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

I hope that you find this info helpful! These products will help you look beautifully tan without the damage, preserving your skin,  and extending your youthful looks!  ALWAYS use sunscreen on top, as these don’t protect you from the UV rays! Enjoy!

Marta Bota

Beauty Editor

Marta Bota is a pro celebrity makeup artist with over 25 years experience in the fashion, TV, bridal industries. She currently works with Comcast NBC Universal and has worked with CNN, HBO, FOX News Channel to name a few! She teaches makeup lessons and teen workshops. Marta holds the title of Ms. Virginia America 2016 and is a philanthropist. Ms. Bota contributes articles on beauty routines and makeup tips throughout the seasons!

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