Spring Cleaning Your Makeup

Spring is here! Time to open the windows, clean out our closets, and get ready for a season of renewal! This is the perfect time to go through your makeup drawer and toss the cosmetics that have been sitting there for too long!

How long is too long? The shelf life on different beauty products can vary. Here are some guidelines for different cosmetics that may be in your makeup drawer!


Mascara should be tossed after three months. Bacteria begins to multiply and it’s just not worth risking an eye infection.


Liquid foundations expire after about one year, cream foundations are good for up to 18 months. Why risk getting breakouts, a rash, or other skin issues?

Powder products

Blushes, eyeshadows, bronzers, and setting powders have a two year shelf life before it’s time to say goodbye. Yes parting can be such sweet sorrow but just think about the excitement of getting the latest trends in your replacement makeup!

Cream blushes and eyeshadow

These products don’t have as long a shelf life as their powder counterparts, only lasting 12-18 months. Something to consider when investing in your cosmetics.

Gel liner

These eyeliners should be kept no longer than three months, for the same reason as mascara. When it comes to your eyes it’s just not worth the risk!

Lipsticks and glosses

Lipsticks last about one year. If you refrigerate your lipsticks you can extend their shelf life! Glosses can last up to two years!

There aren’t expiration dates on cosmetics so I recommend using a felt tip marker to write the purchased dates on your items, and use these guidelines to ensure product safety!

Besides replacing makeup in a timely manner, I recommend wiping down your products with alcohol from time to time. Cleaning the bottles and tubes keeps them sanitary. We handle our makeup daily and the dirt and oils can build up on the containers and that transfers to our face during application!

SHANY Detox Professional Brush Cleaner

Keeping brushes clean is also important. Washing them thoroughly with a gentle cleanser on a monthly basis is good sanitary practice and it will extend the life of your brushes. Brushes collect dirt and oil and can cause skin irritations and/or breakouts. I love SHANY Detox Professional Brush Cleaner! It’s gentle, paraben free, and works well on natural hair as well as synthetic brushes!

Spring is the perfect time to assess your products and decide what needs to be thrown away and replaced. As a makeup artist I understand the importance of keeping the makeup area and products clean and sanitary, not only for my personal makeup collection but especially for my professional makeup kit! I recommend my clients do the same! I hope these guidelines help!

Marta Bota

Beauty Editor

Marta Bota is a pro celebrity makeup artist with over 25 years experience in the fashion, TV, bridal industries. She currently works with Comcast NBC Universal and has worked with CNN, HBO, FOX News Channel to name a few! She teaches makeup lessons and teen workshops. Marta holds the title of Ms. Virginia America 2016 and is a philanthropist. Ms. Bota contributes articles on beauty routines and makeup tips throughout the seasons!


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