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If you dream of a gorgeous home that fits your every need with the style and personalization that you want, then you can rest easy in the capable hands of John Joy and his team at Joy Custom Design Build.  Many people are daunted by the idea of investing their time, money, and hopes with someone they’ve never worked with before, much less in constructing their home of a lifetime.  Give John a few hours of your time “on his dime,” and you’ll likely be amazed at just how easy and fun the process of bringing your vision to life can be.

John began learning about construction from listening to his father, a commercial real estate developer.  Then he spent more than twenty-five years as a real estate agent in this area, sharing a common interest with his wife Lisa who worked as a settlement attorney.  There came a point in time when John realized that builders weren’t listening to what buyers wanted.  He had great difficulty finding homes for his clients that would suit not only where they were at that point in their lives, but where they confidently could know that they would be able to age in place and face future challenges that may arise. By assembling a team of exceptional architects, engineers, construction superintendents, and design specialists, the Joy Custom Design Build process came to fruition.

When you first walk into John’s office, you’ll be met with a natural smile and enthusiasm that will put you at ease within moments.  It is borne of a quiet confidence in his abilities and genuine curiosity about the possibilities that might unfold. There is no mistaking that here is a man that loves what he does.  In fact, half of his time is allocated to hunting for unique properties for the moment you walk through his door with your ideas for a home.  Lisa Joy joined McEnearney Associates in part so that she could help source properties as either teardowns or raw land, and John says that if they don’t already have the right property to accommodate what you have in mind, they can find “two A+ choices” within weeks.

John says that if they don’t already have the right property to accommodate what you have in mind, they can find “two A+ choices” within weeks.

Those first few hours spent with a potential client can be magical.  Ideas flow back and forth so that a framework for all the elements that are essential to the finished product can be determined.  Size, location, indoor and outdoor living spaces, personal preferences, budget and priorities all are discussed while fostering the trust and communication necessary for a successful endeavor.  Don’t worry if you’re unsure of what you want, because through the give and take of learning a potential client’s likes and dislikes, John says he “picks up on their style and objectives very quickly so that when they return they can be presented with drawings and source materials that can bring their vision together [sic].”


On that second visit, you’ll be given a chance to look over the conceptual drawings developed from those earlier discussions.  Although not every potential client will decide to move forward, “90% will.”  That’s quite a statement from a modest man.  Even more important is John saying that “there is no excuse for shoddy building practices or results…and it is unacceptable.”  He cares as much for what goes on behind the walls and below the floors as he does for creating the beautiful finishes and fine detailing that are a hallmark of his designs.  He also “knows how to bring the house in on budget…that’s why I have to be at the table when the house is being created. I manage the expectations to get the result desired [sic].”

Although not every potential client will decide to move forward, “90% will.”  That’s quite a statement from a modest man.

Once the decision to move forward has been made, the entire “concierge” team works seamlessly over the course of subsequent meetings to provide “a smooth and enjoyable homebuilding process where nothing’s left to chance.”  As little as 24 hours of his clients’ time might be required from start to finish, as materials, options, selections and choices are presented and agreed to as the blueprints evolve down to the tiniest detail.  Ultimately, the client controls where and how the budget is allocated and spent, so that if high-end appliances and kitchens are the priority over lush landscaping, the end result will be what makes the homeowner happy. Through skilled advice and extensive accessibility to resources, the team can deliver whatever the client wants within the constraints of the agreed to budget.  Additionally, John works with “the acknowledged best in the industry,” for his suppliers, subcontractors and his own talented team of construction specialists.

John is very involved in the design process.  Working closely with his clients, each home “is a customized vision of what can be done physically to bring their lifestyle to the forefront and meet the aesthetic they have envisioned.” Personally, John is drawn to an exterior that combines 2 or 3 different colors and materials.  He believes “a blend is prettier and more timeless, giving the exterior a rich finish that draws the eye to the detail.” Today, outdoor living has become such a main priority that the home design must be carefully crafted to assure that the flow between indoor and outdoor spaces is totally integrated into the functionality of the house.

A further value that John brings to all of his projects is his ability to anticipate the changing life needs of his owners so that they can remain in place until such time as they choose to make a change rather than change being necessitated by lack of foresight.  The team at Joy Custom Design Build wants nothing more than the pleasure they take in enabling your dream to come together and to stay with you year after year.  That’s their guarantee.

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