The Nomad Artist

Growing up with a diplomat as a father, Jessica Speckhard was raised abroad, moving between Belarus, Belgium, France and Greece. Regardless of what country she was in, the one constant in her life was she was always creating art, [...]

Leaving a Good Impression

The ever-changing sprawl that is Tysons is unique in its current condition, as it’s caught mid-evolution. In the past 30 years, Tysons has gone from rustic farmland to pressing against the outer limits of suburbia. So what sort of [...]

GMU Helps Virginia Opera Celebrate The Big 40

On Oct. 11, George Mason University’s Center for the Arts plays host to the opening of Virginia Opera’s 40th Anniversary season with a stunning production of Sweeney Todd, Stephen Sondheim’s notorious Tony Award-winning musical thriller about revenge, murder, and meat [...]

Meet Howard Lewis!

I first saw his work at The Artful Gift Shop in Vienna.  Peggy James always has some great stuff from local artists and we love to browse through the treasures and hear the stories of the artists who showcase [...]

Calendar Girl

Art has always been an important part of Anne Lewis’s life—whether creating junk sculptures as a child or working as an art therapist with medically fragile children. Thinking back, she can’t even think of a time when art didn’t [...]

Popademic Hits Virginia

Take a trip down to the Oakton Wine Shop and you’ll notice something very different about this particular store that sets it apart from all others. In addition to its amazing selection of wines and beers from around the [...]

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