Lovely Rita

While the Vienna Arts Society looks for a new space this summer, it will continue to exhibit some of the area’s finest artists. For example, Vienna’s own Rita Bentley will be exhibiting “Revisiting Europe” this May, featuring a series [...]

Dream Weaver

When Hillary Steel first took a weaving class in college, she had a strong reaction to it: “I hated it,” she recalls. “But I went back to it and once I started learning it, it was something I gravitated [...]

Art is All Greek to Her

Nia Tavlarides Stratos didn’t develop an interest in art, she was born that way. “I do believe you can learn and go to school and study it, but it comes from within,” she says. “I think there are two [...]

The Nomad Artist

Growing up with a diplomat as a father, Jessica Speckhard was raised abroad, moving between Belarus, Belgium, France and Greece. Regardless of what country she was in, the one constant in her life was she was always creating art, [...]

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